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Management Team


Jim Toga

Founder and CTO/COO

Jim brings over 25 years' technical and management experience in development and operations to Vivox. Before joining Vivox, Toga was COO at Free World Dialup, where he drove the direction of the company's leading standards-based Internet Telephony Services community. Prior to Free World Dialup, Toga co-founded mobile and premise-based wireless Internet access provider, MobWifi, Inc. Prior to that, Toga was director of engineering and VP of operations at eDial, Inc. Toga also held management positions at Intel Corp., Banyan Systems, Inc. and Xylogics, Inc. He is the owner of five patents in the Internet and IP Telephony spaces. Toga earned an MS in Computer Science from Northeastern University and a BS in Chemistry from Tufts University.

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Dave Verratti

Founder and President

Dave brings more than ten years' experience in business development and all phases of the application development lifecycle to Vivox. Before joining Vivox, Verratti worked at Novell, Inc. where he worked to identify and create new business opportunities with strategic partners and assisted them in the development of their Linux and Open Source strategies. He gained his product development experience at SilverStream Software, where he worked closely with customers to design and build applications based on then-emerging J2EE stands. Verratti graduated from Rice University in Houston, Texas and holds bachelor degrees in mechanical engineering and economics.

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Mike Skrzypczak

VP of Engineering

Mike has 30 years experience delivering software solutions to both business users and consumers, with 15 years in leadership roles. Prior to joining Vivox, he was chief architect at Cylant Inc where he was responsible for the overall design and delivery of real time adaptive intrusion detection software for desktop computers. Skrzypczak was also co-founder and chief architect at two venture funded startups - Amulet Inc, where he built internet search technology specifically directed at high tech professionals, and Veridiem Inc, where he built advertising ROI analysis software for television and radio marketing spend. Mike spent his early career developing networking software at companies like Banyan Systems and Encore Computer. He holds a BSCS from University of Massachusetts.

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