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Integration Services

No two of our customers are alike. And no two of our customer's games and social applications are alike either. That's why the Integration Services team is at the heart of the Vivox business.

Starting with our SDK, you'll be able to bring one-on-one or group conversations – whether social or tactical – to your online experience.

If interoperability is part of your vision, our cross platform capabilities will allow you to offer communications to all users, whether they are on a desktop, laptop, console or mobile device.


Start and Grow Fast with Vivox

Should your game, platform or social app start and grow fast, you can rely on the Integration Services team to monitor your "live integration" on the Vivox Network on a 24x7 basis – and scale up as needed.

The business benefits of Integration Services are many. The risks are (less than a) few. Unmatched service levels are virtually a given!

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Email us at sales@vivox.com.